Agile Project Support

Leverage our partnership with Agile Strategies to get and keep your Agile software projects on track.


  • Leverage services across public, private and dedicated environments.
  • Simplify, secure, and automate your hybrid­ cloud environments.
  • Gain deeper insight into current IT operations and future capacity needs.

Technical Assessment and Monitoring

  • Validate whether you are taking advantage of industry best practices and available toolsets.
  • Validate that the project team is continuing to make sound architectural decisions.
  • Provide “outside” perspective/second opinion on tougher architectural issues early on.

Process Assessment and Monitoring

  • Provide an independent assessment of the maturity of the current Agile practices and validate adherence to industry standards.
  • Strengthen the team to become more efficient and self-reliant.
  • Validate that the project team is continuing to follow Agile best practices after project reset.

About Agile Project Support

Our strategic partnership with Agile Strategies combines Vizuri's years of experience delivering solutions and mentoring clients in the Agile methodology with legal forensics from Agile Strategies.  We will help customers evaluate their current investment and enable them to make better decisions and take advantage of this key and essential methodology.  We will help rescue clients who have lost control of the level of effort on a software or hardware professional services engagement due to the poorly managed implementation of the very methodology that is supposed to streamline the identification of the key requirements necessary to achieve the end product.

Our project support services enable customers to leverage our extensive expertise to make the most out of your software projects that are using the Agile methodology. We offer a wide range of consulting services to get you back on track and proceed toward completion.

We can assist you with:

  • Assessing your current project snapshot and interpreting the contractual requirements
  • Introducing remedies to bridge the stopgap in order to enable the project to get back on track and proceed toward completion
  • Assessing your current application architecture to determine if it will support current or planned requirements
  • Examining your current Agile processes and determining if they are consistent with industry best practices and well positioned to meet the needs of the project team
  • Providing guidance to the team, and ensuring that the they don't deviate from the sound architectural and design principles that have been established for the project
  • Providing guidance and coaching to the team, and validating that Agile best practices and processes and being followed

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