JBoss Consulting

Leverage our extensive JBoss expertise to make the most out of your JBoss deployments.

Faster Time To Market

  • Build, test, and deploy applications faster on a single platform.
  • Develop anywhere, deploy anywhere with a cloud-ready platform.
  • Connect systems and data more easily via an integration hub.

Reduce OPEX Costs

  • Reduce costs by migrating from proprietary platforms.
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes.
  • Increase developer productivity and value.

Application Monitoring

  • Monitor your application environments to improve operational efficiency.
  • Manage across different environments more easily.
  • Address issues before they impact customers.

About JBoss Consulting

Our JBoss consulting services enable customers to leverage our extensive expertise to make the most out of your JBoss deployments. We offer a wide range of JBoss consulting services including short-term installation, configuration and mentoring, community to Enterprise migrations, expert consulting, long-term professional services, up to and including full life-cycle project engagements.

We can assist you with:

  • JBoss Platform selection and sizing (JBoss EAP, JBoss BRMS & BPM Suite, JBoss Fuse, A-MQ, Data Grid, etc.)
  • JBoss Community to Enterprise Migrations / Assessments
  • Installation, configuration, clustering, and high-availability configurations of the various JBoss Enterprise Platforms
  • Reference Architecture and Design Services
  • Data Center Consolidation Strategies
  • Proprietary to Open Source Migrations and Migration Assessments
    • Websphere to JBoss Migrations
    • Weblogic to JBoss Migrations
  • Complex Systems Integration
  • Legacy Systems Modernization
  • Application and Server Performance Tuning 

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