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Reduce costs and increase automation


For national and global financial institutions, we have improved infrastructure, created scripts and policies to fully automate provisioning and deployment application stacks, enhanced automation processes, led Cloud Operations Management teams, and provided performance data analysis.


We have leveraged enterprise integration practice to reduce opex costs, and leveraged business rules engine to turn complex rating rules into simple services that can be shared across multiple applications. We also pulled on our Cloud expertise to automate provisioning and deployment of applications.


Our experts regularly address a multitude of finance IT challenges, including messaging infrastructure, application provisioning, customer-facing applications, and IT operations. In sum, our intelligent solutions have saved millions of dollars, substantially improved automation, and reduced critical risks.

Helping Banks and Financial Institutions to Better Serve the Mass Market Segment

plynty offers a simple approach for customers of all backgrounds to develop a financial plan that meets their monthly cash flow goals in retirement.


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