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Business Problem

Inflexible systems and processes obstruct application development and inhibit business growth, as changes are excessively time-consuming and expensive to implement. This rigidity also makes it harder to leverage cloud-based tools, which benefit from scalability and reusability.


Decentralize your monolithic applications into independent, containerized microservices. This speeds up the development and QA cycle significantly, making it easier to implement changes when needed. Enhanced API management also simplifies integration with third-party applications.

How Can Vizuri Help?

Our team of industry-leading experts helps design and implement microservices architectures. We also develop multi-tier applications that can function in this architecture and run within containers.

Vizuri leverages deep expertise to break your code base into small, discrete applications that scale independently of each other. This allows you to:

  • Develop a more effective computing platform
  • Benefit from increased resiliency and flexibility, and
  • Confidently deploy your code quickly

Agile Integration in a Microservices Architecture

External business partners and third-party providers are key and essential to an organization’s service delivery. Red Hat® Fuse can be used to enhance your API strategy.


Vizuri conceptualized and led the first-ever integration with Lyft’s private API on behalf of its client LogistiCare, which provides non-emergency medical transportation through more than 65 million trips each year in 40 states.

The engagement took only 5 weeks from start to finish. Following the integration, LogistiCare was able to operate at a lower price point and offer improved service to their users. Lyft later built on the experience to integrate with other scheduling services.


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Open-Source Code

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