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The Insurance Handbook to
Digital Modernization

The fact is that this industry, traditionally slow to change and adapt, is now in a time of great transition. Each insurance C-suite is investing in digital transformation efforts. This book features Vizuri's best articles at the intersection of business and technology.

Monolithic vs Microservices
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On-Demand Webinar

Strangling the Problems of Migration through Cloud Services and Intelligent Innovation

Struggling to break a grand design into a series of smaller deliverables? Learn from our experience charting the path of application migration to cloud services using the strangler pattern.

On-Demand Webinar On-Demand Webinar

Solution Brief

Migration Strategies and Funding Incentives

This solution brief introduces key investment subsidy programs like the Red Hat Accelerated Migration Program (RAMP), Red Hat LevelUp Program for OpenShift, and Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA). Read on to understand how these programs work and see examples of migration strategies in practice.

Solution Brief Content One


Vizuri AcceleRate Platform for Insurers

AcceleRate enables you to expand your book of business and free your underwriters from repetitive tasks to focus on the decisions that need their attention. Reduce your risk, save time, and save money. Watch this video to learn more.


On-demand Webinar

The Future of AI, Microservices, and Decision Management

Watch our discussion on AI trends at the intersection of business and technology. Learn predictions for how AI will shape business in the next decade and how to use existing technology investments to automate tasks.

On-demand Webinar Microservices

Solution Brief

Compete Effectively in Today's Insurance Marketplace with Vizuri's API Solution

Vizuri enables seamless integration of insurtech solutions and data providers so you can develop new products and capture new markets by quickly extending functionalities to meet customer demands.

Solution Brief Insurance

Case Study

Improving Speed and Accuracy of Underwriting for a Fortune 100 Insurance Company

A Fortune 100 life insurance corporation turned to Vizuri for help and assistance with a backlog of business no one had time to get to and the desire to digitize processes without pausing for renovations.

Case Study Legacy Systems Modernization Insurance

On-demand Webinar

Extend Existing Investments in Microservices to Leverage AI & Machine Learning

View this webinar to learn about microservices, maximizing the benefits of AI, machine learning, and more.

On-demand Webinar Microservices

Analyst Paper

The Total Economic Impact of Red Hat Ansible Tower

Ansible is used by thousands of organizations to help automate IT tasks. Explore cost savings and business benefits enabled by Ansible Automation in this Forrester study.

Analyst Paper


The Knowledge Management Handbook

Understand the increasing importance of knowledge management and the basis it provides for digital transformation.

E-book Business Rules Microservices


The Insurance Handbook to Digital Modernization

Each insurance C-suite is investing in digital transformation efforts. This book features Vizuri's best articles at the intersection of business and technology.

E-book Insurance

Solution Brief

Streamline Your Underwriting With Vizuri

Vizuri’s customizable, cloud-based solution, comprised of leading-edge open source technologies, boosts your policy decisions with AI-assisted underwriting support.

Solution Brief Content One

Solution Brief

Accelerate Container Adoption with Red Hat and Vizuri

To be successful in this new business climate, Information Technology organizations must adapt quickly, and adopt new technologies to be more effective, efficient, and agile.

Solution Brief OpenShift

On-demand Webinar

Advanced Container CI/CD Pipeline Orchestration for the OpenShift Environment

Learn best practices for building containers and automating the delivery process.

On-demand Webinar OpenShift

Technical Brief

Receive and Review the Vizuri OpenShift Mind Map

There are many considerations involved with a successful OpenShift adoption, and we have mapped them out in great detail for the benefit of our customers. Want this poster in your office too? Set up a time to receive our OpenShift Mind Map and review with a Vizuri expert.

Technical Brief OpenShift

On-demand Webinar

Agile Integration in a Microservices Architecture

External business partners and third-party providers are key and essential to an organization’s service delivery. Red Hat® Fuse can be used to enhance your API strategy.

On-demand Webinar Microservices


Has Digital Transformation Jumped the Shark?

Throwing around the term "digital transformation" as a popular catchphrase helps no one understand the real meaning of using emerging technologies and modern software architectures.

Infographic Strategy

Case Study

Insurance Carrier Modernizes Legacy Systems

A leading regional mutual insurance carrier maximizes cost efficiencies, standardizes environments, and reduces CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Case Study Legacy Systems Modernization Insurance


DevOps Automation Service Catalogue

Our experts have deep expertise with the tools across the DevOps ecosystem that are essential to promoting a collaborative project environment.


Case Study

Driving Healthcare Innovation

Vizuri assisted a non-profit medical research organization in evaluating and selecting technology solutions.

Case Study Healthcare

Case Study

US Department of Defense Upgrades Web Portal

Vizuri assisted in the development of a comprehensive portal design that is used by agency employees worldwide.

Case Study Legacy Systems Modernization FederalGovernment

Case Study

LogistiCare Moves to OpenShift on AWS

With a new app development environment, LogistiCare adds new features and capabilities for its customers and partners.

Case Study Cloud Solutions Healthcare OpenShift Business Rules

Case Study

Celgene Adopts Services Oriented Architecture

Celgene adds a SOA implementation strategy as the foundation for BPM and systems integration initiatives.

Case Study Strategy

Case Study

American Psychological Association Updates Website

Vizuri helps the APA with an innovative website relaunch using Red Hat and JBoss solutions.

Case Study Legacy Systems Modernization

Service Offering

Triple A Acceleration: How Vizuri Can Help

Whether you are evaluating a technology, have an idea that you want to implement, or are in the middle of an implementation and need to accelerate your delivery, Vizuri has the expertise and experience to guide you.

Service Offering Strategy

On-demand Webinar

Managing Business Rules in a Microservices Architecture

Learn next-gen development using microservices architecture and how to implement business rules.

On-demand Webinar Microservices Healthcare OpenShift Business Rules

On-demand Webinar

How to Drive Business Value with JBoss BRMS

Learn the general rules development principles and soft skills needed before implementing business rules successfully.

On-demand Webinar Business Rules Insurance

On-demand Webinar

Preparing for Digital Transformation

This is a topic that's front-of-mind for many organizations. Get ideas for how to navigate these complex projects.

On-demand Webinar Legacy Systems Modernization


The Pulse of Healthcare IT

Even in a sector as regulated as healthcare, there are a lot of smart efforts that require, beyond IT expertise, a clear sense of the changing economics, policies, and practices governing service delivery and administration.

Infographic Healthcare

On-demand Webinar

EHR Intelligence Webcast

Learn how to develop an application development framework and API strategy for healthcare organizations.

On-demand Webinar Healthcare

Solution Brief

Develop Powerful Business Rules with Red Hat

Deliver a rules-based engine tailored to your regulatory and compliance standards.

Solution Brief Business Rules Strategy

Solution Brief

Simplify Complex IT Environments

Establish a streamlined operations process to collect log data and analyze complex IT environments. Get access to powerful log aggregation technology—at less cost and without vendor lock-in.

Solution Brief Strategy OpenShift

Free Checklist

Non-Functional Requirements for OpenShift Implementations

Use these 60+ points to develop a detailed consensus between the eventual users of the proposed environments and the designers and builders of these environments.

Free Checklist OpenShift

Open Source Code

Microservices Open-Source Code

Access this open-source microservices code and documentation for a medical use case.

Open Source Code Microservices Healthcare OpenShift


4 OpenShift Implementation Tips You Must Know

At the outset of your implementation, this guide offers you the high-level advice that forums do not offer and solutions consultants do not normally publish.

Whitepaper OpenShift


Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Performance Benchmark

JBoss BPM Suite enables enterprise business and IT users to document, simulate, manage, automate and monitor business processes and policies.

Whitepaper Business Rules

Service Offering

Containerize Your Applications Quickly With OpenShift Jumpstart

Vizuri helps you accelerate the learning curve and speed up the adoption cycle of OpenShift Container Platform with an OpenShift Jumpstart engagement.

Service Offering OpenShift


4 Recommendations for Evaluating OpenShift Consultants

Read our advice and considerations for finding the right OpenShift partner.

Whitepaper OpenShift


3 Signs OpenShift is Right for Your Business

Your processes need to be standardized and automated across development and operations to increase efficiency and reduce human error.

Whitepaper OpenShift

On-demand Webinar

Move Faster: Creating, Modifying, and Rapidly Deploying Applications

Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform helps application development and IT operations teams accelerate development processes.

On-demand Webinar OpenShift

Solution Brief

Manage Complex Regulatory Environments

Through business rules management and seamless application development capabilities, Vizuri delivers a rules-based engine tailored to your regulatory and compliance standards.

Solution Brief Business Rules Microservices

Case Study

Helping Banks and Financial Institutions to Better Serve the Mass Market Segment

plynty offers a simple approach for customers of all backgrounds to develop a financial plan that meets their monthly cash flow goals in retirement.

Case Study Cloud Solutions Finance Strategy

Case Study

ATPCO Speeds Service Delivery

With an agile, automated infrastructure, Vizuri helped ATPCO to gain new speed and reliability to meet industry demands.

Case Study Microservices