Enterprise Integration & Messaging

Enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise.


  • Leverage services across public, private and dedicated environments.
  • Simplify, secure, and automate your hybrid¬≠ cloud environments.
  • Gain deeper insight into current IT operations and future capacity needs.

Increase Maintainability

  • Enable process automation and metric reporting.
  • Create a repository for centralized business rules.
  • Increase organizational agility, flexibility and maintainability through more streamlined business processes.

Integrate Securely

  • Integrate with internal and external systems securely.
  • Continue to leverage functionality provided by legacy assets.
  • Improve customer experiences and interactions with your company leading to higher customer satisfaction.

About Enterprise Integration & Messaging

SOA initiatives must be well thought out, with formally defined objectives, requirements, specifications and a sound governance strategy. It is important to properly define and map, at a high level, the business processes that constitute your business operations. In addition, you should keep an eye towards re-use and the services that support them.

We work with clients in a broad range of industries including Government, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, and Insurance. We understand and have experience meeting the challenges associated with integrating complex systems via the principles of service orientation. 


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