Business Rules & Process Management

Formalize and centrally manage your critical business processes and rules.


  • Leverage services across public, private and dedicated environments.
  • Simplify, secure, and automate your hybrid­ cloud environments.
  • Gain deeper insight into current IT operations and future capacity needs.

Increase Business Agility

  • Increase agility by de-coupling critical business logic from application code.
  • Build insight into process performance with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).
  • Integrate cleanly with your existing systems.

Accelerate Time to Market

  • Shorten development cycles for faster time-to-market.
  • Remove or reduce reliance on IT staff for changes in live systems.
  • Enable technical and business experts to define and manage decision logic.

About Business Rules & Process Management

As market conditions change, it’s even more important for organizations to be able to quickly change the underlying business rules without going through a lengthy development process.  By moving your rules to a centrally managed place the time to market can be shortened. This also allows developers and analysts to speak the same language for once.

We work closely with our clients to ensure their requirements are met and that they fully realize the benefits of a rules engine. Leverage the best practices and expertise of our consulting experts to guide your organization through the definition, design, and implementation of your rules-based projects.


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