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Nichole Bui


Nichole Bui

Associate Vice President

Meet Nichole Bui

Nichole oversees the day-to-day operations of Vizuri. As such, she is responsible for developing business opportunities, managing partner relationships, and ensuring successful outcomes from each consulting team.

She brings her experience in management and strategic planning to each engagement. Through a disciplined focus on service delivery, she has helped many companies and public-sector agencies realize their vision through projects that are completed on time and under budget.

Nichole started her career as a developer and has been an IT consultant since that time. She has developed many creative solutions to solve technical challenges, and has managed teams that exceed 100 people. For her, the greatest rewards of the job continue to be when her customers meet and exceed their goals through her team's efforts.

She brings the same high level discipline to her personal life. She is religious about working out to stay fit, since—in her spare time—she likes to cook and bake, and often tries out new recipes.

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