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Red Hat continues to make strategic acquisitions that round out its complete solution stack for modern cloud-based centered design. It provides a "cloud-ready" operating environment that supports polyglot technologies running in a single shared-infrastructure.

Vizuri has a deep, long-standing relationship with Red Hat, substantial experience with cloud deployments, and has complementary areas of technical expertise, including DevOps, Middleware, application lifecycle management, and SOA.


Red Hat's OpenShift was a leader in the early market for Platform as a Service or PaaS offerings. OpenShift is a container management platform that leverages Docker (Linux containers) and Google's Kubernetes engine (container management and orchestration) to create a dynamic scalable operating platform for modern application development.


  • Assess your readiness for OpenShift:
    • OpenShift Readiness Assessment. Assess your application environment’s readiness for migrating to an OpenShift environment. Vizuri will provide recommendations and an implementation roadmap as part of this assessment.
    • OpenShift Application Migration Assessment. Evaluate the level of effort, application refactoring, and complexity/risk to migrate your applications to an OpenShift Enterprise environment.
  • Implement OpenShift:
    • OpenShift Kickstarter. Implement an OpenShift sandbox so that you can evaluate the platform.
    • OpenShift Adoption Jumpstart. Accelerate the rollout and reduce the risk of moving to an OpenShift application development environment.
    • OpenShift Application Development. Develop multi-tier applications for running within OpenShift.
  • Enhance your OpenShift implementation:
    • OpenShift Migration. Migrate your applications to your OpenShift Enterprise environment.
    • OpenShift Enhancement. Augment and enhance your OpenShift Enterprise environment. This includes the creation and deployment of additional template instant applications, services, and frameworks for enhancing your environment.
    • Cloud and Container Management. Assist you in gaining deeper insight into the costs, utilization and performance of your existing cloud and container environments. Provide integration services to help streamline the provisioning and proactive management of your environments.
    • OpenShift Infrastructure and Service Monitoring. Implement monitoring solutions for your container management environment. Start with a basic install and setup. Additional consulting services for customizing operations workflows are also available.
    • OpenShift Application Monitoring. Implement a monitoring solution for your application within a container management environment. This specifically focuses on how to manage application performance within your environment.


Learn how LogistiCare used a new app development environment to quickly add new features and capabilities for customers and partners while also improving efficiency, performance, and operational costs.

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