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App Dev: Red Hat Application Runtimes, Red Hat Data Grid, Red Hat Decision Manager, Red Hat JBoss EAP, Red Hat JBoss Web Server, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Process Automation Manager, Red Hat SSO/Keycloak

Automation & Management: Red Hat Ansible, Red Hat Satellite

Cloud: Red Hat Directory Server, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage

Infrastructure: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Virtualization

Integration: Red Hat 3Scale, Red Hat AMQ, Red Hat Fuse


As an added value, Vizuri handles customer solutions from inception through fruition for Business Rules and Process Management, Cloud Enablement, Enterprise Integration, and Microservices and Containers.

We can help you with the following across the entire Red Hat portfolio:

Jumpstart and Proof of Concept (POC)
Install and configure product and develop a POC application to demonstrate core features and capabilities based on your specific requirements/use cases. Includes mentoring and knowledge transfer to minimize the learning curve and speeds up adoption for your organization.

Reference Architecture and Roadmap
Develop a reference architecture and design based on your business use cases and vision. Provide a roadmap to migrate your legacy applications to the new reference architecture, following an iterative approach.

Application Assessment
Conduct a deep dive of your application to determine the root cause of your performance issues. Provide findings and recommendations for operational and performance improvements based on best practices.

Ongoing Support
Accelerate your adoption through mentoring and training, expert consulting or a turnkey/mixed-team approach.



When you buy software through Vizuri, you get ongoing access to our expertise at no additional cost. Benefit from our collective technology and business experience so you can stay ahead of the pack.

Through our engagements, you get the right solutions, at the right size, with the right level of support for your business. 

We can help you make the most of your technology investments. Contact us for a free preliminary consultation and more information on preferred pricing.



Vizuri is a Red Hat Premier Business and APEX Partnerthe highest partnership level. It is reserved for firms that are heavily invested in driving new opportunities and contribute the most to Red Hat’s partner ecosystem. Companies at this tier have the most certifications and have demonstrated solutions for clients with notable impact.


Vizuri is accredited and certified by Red Hat through extensive testing, past performance, case studies, awards for innovation, and more. This means that our employees are proven sales (/engineering) specialists and delivery specialists and our customers vouch for both the quality of past engagements as well as their outcomes.


We work closely with the Red Hat Business Units (product teams), helping them improve their products by providing input from the field. This strong relationship gives us insights into the product direction and roadmap and it also provides us with quick access and an ability to escalate issues when they arise.


We speak at industry conferences, publish solutions and strategies for our peers, and share code with the open-source community. For example, we have shared the open-source code that utilizes the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and the Red Hat BRMS Rules Platform for a microservice architecture.

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Sharing the Same Values and a Relentless Drive to Innovate

Vizuri's relentless drive to innovate doesn't stop within the company—we extend it into our partner ecosystem as well. We are proud to partner with Red Hat, the leading open-source software vendor and the company that best embodies the ethos of the open-source software movement.

Red Hat focuses on fostering and building communities around its software innovations to harness resources and leverage talent both inside and across organizations. This is a perfect extension of our values. We seek out customers that want to leverage these innovative technologies to gain competitive differentiation and extend their position within their marketplace.

We started partnering with JBoss in 2003 and quickly rose to prominence within the community. Red Hat acquired JBoss in 2006 and we then entered into the Red Hat Partner ecosystem. We have held the highest level of accreditation ever since.


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